SHE HER HERS is a special Mother’s Day edition of inspirational poetry designed for the enlightened woman from all walks of life. It contains 18 full length poems and prose to bliss the divine feminine within. The hope is that you will find inspiration, love, peace, and joy within these pages. ~PAPERBACK $19.99 ~PDF EBOOK $9.99 ~ORDER TODAY!

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This report is personally written by yours truly and is unique to you. It is both intuitive and data based. I have been known to read people without ever meeting them and reading their character with precision. I am a Master Intuitive and Oracle of Excellence so you can be sure your report is written with powerful insights and ideals. I want to share my gift from the Creator and the Universe with you.

Included in this report:

* Who you are

* Your gifts (unique to you)

* Your traits

* Things to watch out for

* A beautiful, colorful 4 page PDF report all about Y.O.U!

To complete your report, we need the following emailed to :

* Your first, middle, last name

* Your date of birth

Because each report is hand written especially for you, please allow 3-5 working days turn around time. Discover who you are, why you are here, and who you were meant to be. Develop your self confidence by going within and becoming totally aware of all the power that resides in you!

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Self Discovery Report

A 4 page colorful PDF all about Y. O. U!