The Project

The projects was a project

And the subject was people like I 

And people Like you

People like we

People like us

And they built walls 

So we could learn to build walls of our own

To keep them from coming in

While so many of us wanted to get out

But couldnโ€™t get out

Our prison was mental 

And we were served a life sentence 

Because we were different 

Because we were powerful



And the stupidity of this project

Did exactly was it was supposed to do

Make us dumb and dumber

Yearn and linger

On corners 

With no purpose

No drive

No plan 

And nothing to drive

To drive us out of the raggedy mind state 

Stumbling in the dark 

Donโ€™t even know what is making us stumble

Donโ€™t even think to turn the lights back on…

Ooh child

They say things are gonna get better

But you better

Not think more highly of yourself

That you are good enough to climb the wall 

Escape from a project that you were never meant to be in

If you go within 

You will win 

But here comes that project manager again

Telling you who do you think you are 

Get back where you belong

And you go 

Cause you never did belong

Out there

And now the projects

That project

Feels like home…

So you never leave

Never think to roam

And you settle down into a life of mediocrity 

Spending your days and nights on the phone

Talking bout Iโ€™m from the projects man

While never owning a project of your own…

Written by Michelle Dornor on February 2, 2020

All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC, Michelle Dornor

I Am Authentic

You say Iโ€™m not authentic

When itโ€™s the only way I know how to be

Why do I have to do what you say

If Iโ€™m supposed to be me? 

When I pour my heart out and it gets stepped on

I am authentic

When I sit in my room and contemplate life

Thatโ€™s who I am

I am authentic

When I go into my prayer closet 

And cry to God about my hurts

I am authentic

And when I choose to guard my soul from those who want to see me hurt

When I guard my secrets from those who feed off them like vampires

I am authentic

If I give my heart away to those who donโ€™t honor themselves yet

I am not being authentic 

Dishonoring myself in the process

Just so people can like me? 

So they can accept me? 

That is the most non authentic way that I could ever decide to be

I would rather be alone

Safe and protected

Laughing at my own silly jokes

Marveling at the beauty of the world

Lost in my world of thoughts and ideas

And being me…


Written by Michelle Dornor on January 2, 2020

All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC, Michelle Dornor

The Shattering

Someone in a poetry group I belong to reminded me of when I used to pick a word or a picture and write a poem based on what I see in the picture. Iโ€™m thankful for the inspiration.ย 

The Shattering

So dreamy 

A bright baby blue

You were

When you were so well put together

But something happened

That revealed your dark matter 

And now your baby blue joy 

Seems to be floating away…

Come back from the shattering

Of what you once knew

Of who you were meant to be

Donโ€™t run from your destiny

Just let it be

Because beautiful 

Can be born 

Out of ugly…

Written by Michelle Dornor on December 25, 2020. All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC.


Time to break out

Break free 

Release all that is inside of me

I am not small

I am not weak 

I am the dream of my ancestors

From the valley lows

To the mountain peaks

I am strong

I am queen

I am warrior

I am king

Over my destiny

Over my well being 

Over it all 

Every single thing

When I tap into my feminine energy

There is no place I cannot go

No dream I cannot dream

My destiny will unfold

Manifesting all

I now behold

Written by Michelle Dornor May 5, 2020

All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC, Michelle Dornor

Wisdom & Beauty

What is wisdom

But that which sits at the back of the soul

and only takes flight with the release

of foolish pride and selfish ego

What is beauty

But that which outwardly slowly fades

giving way to the eternal development of Character…

Written by Michelle Dornor on September 6, 2018.ย 
All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC, Michelle Dornor