I Am Authentic

You say I’m not authentic

When it’s the only way I know how to be

Why do I have to do what you say

If I’m supposed to be me? 

When I pour my heart out and it gets stepped on

I am authentic

When I sit in my room and contemplate life

That’s who I am

I am authentic

When I go into my prayer closet 

And cry to God about my hurts

I am authentic

And when I choose to guard my soul from those who want to see me hurt

When I guard my secrets from those who feed off them like vampires

I am authentic

If I give my heart away to those who don’t honor themselves yet

I am not being authentic 

Dishonoring myself in the process

Just so people can like me? 

So they can accept me? 

That is the most non authentic way that I could ever decide to be

I would rather be alone

Safe and protected

Laughing at my own silly jokes

Marveling at the beauty of the world

Lost in my world of thoughts and ideas

And being me…


Written by Michelle Dornor on January 2, 2020

All rights reserved. 2020 Dornor Consulting LLC, Michelle Dornor

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